Motorola BPR40D

Motorola BPR40D
Motorola BPR40D
Motorola BPR40D
Motorola BPR40D



Mag One BPR40 and BPR40D radios deliver reliable communications to your team.

Lightweight and powerful, each radio is built to ensure that you are never out of reach. Long battery life means continued communication that lasts an entire shift. Rugged, water-resistant construction offers worry-free operation, while the radios’ long warranties bring peace of mind.

Both radios support analog communications for simple, familiar push-to-talk voice connections. The BPR 40D radio also supports the Digital Mobile Radio (DMR II) communications standard, giving you more range and clear, static-free voice connections, even at the edge of your radio coverage.

Two Programmable Buttons

Program up to four settings from these features:

  • High/Low Power
  • Volume Set
  • Monitor
  • Sticky Monitor
  • Scan
  • Nuisance Channel Delete
  • Repeater Talkaround
  • PL/DPL
  • Button Lock
  • Battery Save Mode
  • Squelch
  • Private, Group, or All-Call (BPR 40d only)

Rugged, Die-Cast Chassis

Polycarbonate housing helps protect your radio from everyday bumps and falls. Both radios are protected against splashing water (IPx4), while the BPR 40d is also protected against dust (IP54).

Motorola Solutions Warranty

We’re here when you need us. The BPR 40d offers a standard two-year warranty. The BPR 40 comes with a standard one-year warranty. Extended service plans are available for both radios.


Digital Mobile Radio (DMR II) Support

Take advantage of advanced digital features, clear voice communications and greater cover- age. Interoperate with other DMR radios.

All Call

Communicate to all radios on your system, regardless of what channel they’ve selected.

Group Call

Communicate to all radios in a predefined group of radio users.

Private Call

Communicate privately with one other radio user. Remote Monitor Remotely activate the radio’s microphone and transmitter and hear its audio. Allows you to check on a radio user who may not be able to press the push-to-talk button.

Radio Enable/Disable

If your BPR 40d radio is lost or stolen, it can be remotely disabled to prevent eavesdropping or unauthorized transmissions. Once recovered, it can be remotely enabled again.

Voice Announcement

Confirm actions or alerts with an audio prompt, giving your users confidence that they chose the right setting, even when they can’t look at the radio.

Mixed-Mode Channel Scan

Monitor digital and analog channels simultaneously.


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