Eight Motorola DLR 1020 Features Business Owners Will Love

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Motorola has a great record of producing quality radio equipment that legions of businesses nationwide depend on for reliable communications.

Motorola’s DLR 1020 is another great product that provides users with a convenient two way radio with some specialized features that more advanced users of walkie talkies will enjoy.

Some features DLR 1020 users will enjoy include:

Versatile call options – Different organizations have differing communications needs. The DLR 1020 caters to these needs with features that allow users to switch between group and one-on-one communications. The radio also allows users to call and page all available users, providing for quick mass communication when needed.

Talk in private – This line of two way radios allows private communication. The radios can be set up with a unique radio profile ID number that can keep unwanted ears from being privy to your organization’s private communications.

Talk permit tone – The DLR 1020’s talk permit tone helps manage communications traffic by sounding a tone when a channel is available and team members can speak.



Voice prompts – The radio’s voice prompt features allow users to easily navigate through various functions of the device, including battery status indicator, customizable features, and navigating through channels.

Personalization – Advanced users can personalize channel voice prompts, channel alias names, and other features by using convenient CPS programming software.

Battery life – This radio has strong battery life, providing up to 14 hours of use without recharging.

Rugged – The DLR 1020 meets military standards, meaning that these radios can handle exposure to harsh weather and other hazardous conditions and still perform well.

No paperwork – DLR radios, of course, don’t require a license to operate, allowing your organization to begin using them as soon as you get them. You won’t have to deal with any licensing paperwork or fees—period.

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