Four Tips for Using Walkie-Talkies in Emergencies

Emergency Preparedness with Two Way Radios

Two way radios are handheld, portable wireless communication devices that interact via radio waves on a single, shared frequency band. Walkie-talkies are capable of transmitting over short and medium distances, and, unlike cell phones, they are not reliant on a tower. This makes them a more reliable communications medium in a disaster event like a flood or the aftermath of a tornado, when traditional communications infrastructure may be down.

Two-way radios should be part of every organization’s disaster mitigation plan. Here are a few best practices for their use:

  1. Organizations should have emergency kits containing walkie-talkie sets stored in convenient locations. Staff should have training concerning how to access and use the devices.
  2. Having a communications plan in place for disasters is also important. Your organization should have a detailed plan for communicating on scene and with the outside world in the event of a disaster. Two way radios can be a huge asset in these situations, as they can help to pass information along to people outside the disaster area.
  3. Your organization’s walkie-talkies should be inspected at regular intervals throughout the year. Personnel should test them to see if they are in good order. Batteries should also be changed on a regular basis to ensure the device has power and to keep old batteries from corroding the connectors on the radio.
  4. Remember that there is no privacy on two-way radios. Communications can be easily intercepted by people tuning in on the same frequency. Personnel using two-way radios should keep communications professional and avoid language that could be embarrassing if heard by the general public.

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