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Two Motorola two-way radios sit side-by-side. The radio on the left, a CLP1010e, has a green LED illuminated. The radio on the right, a CLP1080e, has a white LED illuminated. Text above the radios reads "CLP Series Radio Help & Resource Hub".

Motorola CLP Series Two-Way Radio Resources

Streamline operations and empower your team with crystal-clear communication using Motorola's CLP two-way radios CLP1010e, CLP1080e (Discontinued CLP1010, CLP1040, CLP1080). This comprehensive resource guide equips you with everything you need to maximize the potential of your CLP radios, ensuring your team stays connected and informed throughout the workday.


Model Comparison Chart: Are you unsure which CLP model is right for you? Our comparison chart helps you identify the ideal features for your specific needs. (link to model comparison chart)

Motorola CLPe Model Comparison Chart


CLPe Series Radios

CLP1010e Motorola Business Class Two-Way Radio

CLP1080e Motorola Business Class Two-Way Radio


Getting Started with Your CLP Series Radio:

  • User Manuals: Dive into the functionalities of your specific CLP model by downloading the user manual. These guides offer detailed instructions on operation, programming, and safety guidelines:

CLP1010e User Guide

CLP1080e User Guide

Discontinued CLP Series Radios

CLP1010 User Guide

CLP1040 User Guide

CLP1080 User Guide


  • Quick Start Guides: Need a refresher on the basics? The quick start guides provide a step-by-step process for powering on your radio, using channels and features, and proper care:

CLP1010e Quick Start Guide

CLP1080e Quick Start Guide

Discontinued CLP Series Radios

Legacy Motorola CLP Quick Start Guide


Optimize Performance:

  • Charging Tips: Explore recommended practices and compatible accessories to ensure your CLP radios stay powered and operational throughout your shift. (link to charging info)

Motorola CLP1010e CLP1080e Battery and Charger Guide


  • Troubleshooting: Encountering audio or connection issues? Our guide offers solutions to common problems to get your radios back to peak performance: (Search for: Motorola CLP Troubleshooting Guide)

CLP Series Troubleshooting Guide

Legacy Motorola CLP Series Troubleshooting Guide


Expand Your CLP Experience:

  • Accessories: Enhance usability and comfort with a wide selection of headsets, microphones, batteries, chargers, and carrying cases. Find the perfect accessories to suit your work environment.

CLPe Series Accessories Page

Legacy Motorola CLP Series Accessories


  • Programming: The CLP radios can be programmed for specific needs. While this guide doesn't cover programming itself, contact for more information.

CLPe Series Programming Guide


Still Have Questions?

Our dedicated customer support team is here to help! Contact us at 800-984-1534 or


Additional Resources:

  • Datasheets: For in-depth technical specifications, download the datasheets for each CLP model:

CLP1010e Datasheet

CLP1080e Datasheet


CLP1010 Datasheet

CLP1040 Datasheet

CLP1080 Datasheet


By utilizing this resource guide and the provided materials, you'll ensure your Motorola CLP two-way radios operate at optimal performance, keeping your team connected and your operations running smoothly.

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