Motorola CLP1060 Bluetooth Kit (HKLN4509, HKLN4512, HKLN4513)

Motorola CLP1060 Bluetooth Kit (HKLN4509, HKLN4512, HKLN4513)


$97.00 $135.90

Motorola CLP 1060 Bluetooth Accessory Kit - 8 Hours of talk time

Your CLP1060 Bluetooth Kit includes:


1 x  HKLN4512 Bluetooth Pod

1 x  HKLN4513 Swivel Earpiece

1 x  HKLN4509 Plug-in Power Supply

The CLP Bluetooth Accessory Kit is designed to support a full business day – whether it’s the high-energy of a retail store or the fast-paced action of a doctor’s clinic. Unlike consumer Bluetooth devices, it provides 8 hours of battery life, a truly comfortable fit for long shifts, plus a clip and swivel earpiece that stays securely in place.


Simply clip the Bluetooth pod (HKLN4512) on a collar or clothing, connect the swivel earpiece (PMLN6397) and place it over either ear.


The earpiece provides the best audio quality when paired with Motorola CLP radios and is comfortable and flexible enough for all-day wear. Its limited wires mean it won’t tangle or get in the way as you work.


The charging cradle with plug-in power supply (HKLN4509) charges quickly to ensure your battery lasts through your work day. From its discreet styling to its lightweight design, this CLP Bluetooth Accessory Kit is the ideal convergence of value, comfort and lasting performance.