Motorola PMLN8538 Badge Clip for TLK 25 Radios

Motorola PMLN8538 Badge Clip for TLK 25 Radios
Motorola PMLN8538 Badge Clip for TLK 25 Radios



Keep Your Motorola TLK 25 Radio Within Easy Reach

Stay connected and efficient throughout your workday with the Motorola PMLN8538 Badge Clip, designed specifically for Motorola TLK 25 two-way radios. This lightweight and user-friendly clip offers a convenient way to keep your radio readily accessible for seamless communication.

Simple and Secure Attachment:

The PMLN8538 features a durable clip that securely attaches to belts, shirts, pockets, and more. Say goodbye to misplaced radios and enjoy the peace of mind knowing your TLK 25 is always close at hand.

Enhanced Mobility and Comfort:

The compact design of the PMLN8358 allows for comfortable wear without restricting movement. Focus on your tasks without the bulkiness of a traditional holster, ensuring optimal mobility throughout your shift.

Effortless Compatibility:

The PMLN8538 is specifically designed to seamlessly integrate with your Motorola TLK 25 radio. No complicated setup is required. Simply attach the clip and enjoy the ease of having your radio readily available.

Ideal for Various Industries:

The Motorola PMLN8538 Badge Clip is a versatile solution for professionals in various industries who rely on clear communication throughout their workday. Perfect for retail staff, security personnel, warehouse workers, and more.

Key Features:

  • Designed for Motorola TLK 25 Radios 
  • Secure Clip Attachment for Belts, Shirts & Pockets
  • Compact & Lightweight Design for Enhanced Mobility
  • Effortless Compatibility - No Configuration Needed
  • Ideal for Various Industries: Retail, Security, Warehousing

Upgrade your communication experience and keep your Motorola TLK 25 radio within easy reach with the PMLN8538 Badge Clip. Order yours today!