Motorola PMLN8332 Vehicle Mount for WP300

Motorola PMLN8332 Vehicle Mount. Securely holds your Motorola WP300 Wireless Bluetooth Control Pod for easy access and hands-free communication while driving.



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Motorola PMLN8332: Vehicle Mount for WP300 Control Pod

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Keep your Motorola WP300 Wireless Bluetooth Control Pod within reach while driving with the genuine Motorola PMLN8332 Vehicle Mount. This convenient accessory ensures safe and easy access to your communication hub, enhancing productivity and safety on the road.

Here's how the PMLN8332 benefits you:

  • Enhanced Safety: Focus on the road and avoid distractions by keeping your WP300 control pod readily accessible.
  • Convenient Placement: Mount the PMLN8332 in a location that optimizes reachability and visibility for smooth communication.
  • Improved Efficiency: Effortlessly switch between tasks and stay connected with PTT (Push-to-Talk) functionality at your fingertips.
  • Durable Design: The PMLN8332 is built to withstand the demands of in-vehicle use.

Please note: This description is based on a reference webpage for a similar Motorola product.

Confirm compatibility of the PMLN8332 with your specific vehicle and ensure professional installation for optimal performance.

Order your PMLN8332 Vehicle Mount today and experience the convenience of hands-free communication on the go!