Is Nextel Still the King for Business Communications?

Is Nextel Still the King for Business Communications?

Still Clinging to Your Nextel? It's Time to Upgrade to a Motorola TLK Series Radio!

Remember those clunky Nextel bricks that promised the best of both worlds – phone calls and walkie-talkie communication? Well, those days are long gone. Nextel shut down its network in 2013, leaving those once-mighty devices as relics of the past. But fear not, businesses and individuals who rely on instant communication still have a king: the Motorola TLK Series two-way radios.

Why Hold Onto a Ghost? The Shortcomings of Nextel Phones:

  • Network Graveyard: Nextel's iDEN network is a ghost town. Using a Nextel phone for PTT communication is like trying to hail a taxi with a rotary phone – it simply won't work.
  • Limited Features: Nextel phones were innovative for their time, but compared to modern technology, they're feature-deprived. Forget about crystal-clear digital audio, or GPS tracking – Nextel just can't compete.
  • Wasted Investment: Even if you find a used Nextel phone, holding onto it is a wasted investment. The lack of network support and limited functionality render it useless for PTT needs.

Introducing the New King: The Feature-Packed Motorola TLK Series Radios

Motorola TLK Series radios are the undisputed champions of modern PTT communication. Here's why they reign supreme:

  • Network Flexibility: Unlike Nextel's one-trick pony network, TLK radios offer a variety of options, including:
    • Reliable Verizon Coverage: Stay connected nationwide with Verizon's extensive network. No dropped calls or missed messages here!
    • Seamless Wi-Fi Integration: Some models, like the TLK100, TLK110 and TLK25 integrate seamlessly with your existing Wi-Fi network, keeping your team connected within your building or facility.
  • Unmatched Features: TLK radios boast a suite of features that would make a Nextel jealous:
    • Crystal-Clear Digital Audio: Enjoy crisp, clear communication, even in noisy environments.
    • Enhanced Security: Keep your conversations private with advanced encryption features.
    • GPS Tracking: See your team's location in real-time, perfect for enhanced coordination and safety.

Find the Perfect TLK Radio for Your Needs:

The Motorola TLK Series offers a range of radios to fit your specific needs and budget. Here's a quick guide:

  • The TLK25 & TLK100: Ideal for small businesses and teams who need basic PTT communication with Wi-Fi integration for in-building coverage.
  • The TLK150: A versatile option for businesses that require vehicle mounted or base station options and reliable Verizon network coverage for on-the-road communication.
  • The TLK110: The ultimate all-rounder, offering features like GPS tracking, data capabilities, and seamless Wi-Fi/LTE connectivity for businesses that demand the most advanced PTT solution.

Ready to Ditch the Nextel and Embrace the Future?

Don't get stuck in the past with a useless Nextel phone. Upgrade your communication game with a Motorola TLK Series radio. These feature-packed, network-flexible radios will keep your team connected, efficient, and secure.

Contact us today to discuss your specific needs and find the perfect TLK radio for your business!

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