Motorola RMU2040 6 pack with Multi Charger and Speaker Microphones

RMU2040 6 Pack plus Multi Unit Charger and headsets
RMU2040 Front View
RMU2040 Left Side View
RMU2040 Right Side View
RMU2040 Left Side Angle View With Holster
PMPLN45384A Multi Unit Charger
Motorola RMU2040 6 pack with Multi Charger and Speaker Microphones


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What's in the Box


      The RMU2040 has two channels pre-programmed to match the earlier RDU2020 model. An additional 2 channels may be programmed for a total of 4. This two-way radio operates on 99 business-exclusive UHF frequencies, and is 2013 FCC Narrowband ready. The default factory-programming on this RM Series radio is set to operate in 12.5kHz mode. Enhanced audio quality, a rugged design, and versatile customer programming software make this handheld radio an exceptional choice for all of your on-site business needs.

      The RM series is a great two way radio if you are looking for exceptional audio quality for noisy work sites. Designed for industry and manufacturing environments, these radios are 30% louder than earlier Motorola XTN and AX models. We recommend Motorola RM Series radios for customers with durability and sound quality as their top priority.

      • 2 Watt UHF provides coverage of up to 250,000 sq ft or 20 floors
      • Up to 4 Channel Operation
      • 99 Selectable UHF Frequencies (FCC License Required); operate in 12.5 kHz Narrowband
      • 219 PL/DPL codes, including 6 customizable codes
      • Channel Announcement with Voice Alias 
      • Meets Military 810 C, D, E, F, G and IP54/55 specifications
      • Antimicrobial Protection
      • Two programmable buttons give quick one-touch access to features
      • Single-unit drop-in charger provides charging and battery level status via tri-color LED
      • Easy Cloning with Single-Unit Charger Cloning Cable or Multi-Unit Charger (sold separately)
      • Weighs 8.6 ounces with the battery
      • 2 Pin Accessory Plug